Fun Fridays

Listening Room

Take off your shoes, relax on a comfy pillow, or sit back in a chair, have some tea or coffee. Treat yourself to an evening of listening fun. We will feature local musicians, poets and other talented artists. The possibilities, are endless!

Community Drum Circle

Community drum circles are a great way to release stress and have FUN!  Allow the sound of the drums to move you, as the facilitator guides you through an experience of exploration, self-discovery and FUN while you drum!  YOU may not be able to contain yourself the entire time while sitting in your chair. Your SPIRIT may guide you on a DANCE of no return!

Bring the family!
Friday, December 13th
EARLY BIRD Thursday, December 12th Midnight
$5 kids under 18
$12 for adults
Friday, October 13th – $8kids $15/adults

nia® Teacher Showcase

Join us for an evening with the n~motion nia® Educators as they showcase new moves they’ve embodied from a nia® routine. You may dance moves you’ve learned and embodied in class, that have been carefully placed in a regular song and will be showcased this night. Meet new friends, release stress and join us for this community event!

Social Dance

Do you love to move and groove, or are you a bit timid on the dance floor? This evening is for you! Do you sometimes feel like dance is not “your thing”, or do you have years of experience? This evening is for you! Do you have a busy schedule and need an evening off, or are you looking for a new activity? This evening is for you!

Beginning at 7:00pm, we’ll have fun with popular and easy social dances. Then we’ll dance some very basic ballroom steps, like the fox trot and cha-cha (no partner necessary). We’ll close with a variety of music spanning the last 4 decades.

Please bring soft-soled shoes to dance in.

Cost for the evening is $15 and can be paid at the door.

 Timid? Experienced? Stressed? Bored?

This evening is for YOU! C’mon and dance!

Friday, December 6th 

nia® FreeDance

nia® FreeDance™ is a barefoot 60 minute movement class designed to awaken the artist within and to stimulate an individual’s Art of Conscious Dance.

Guided by a trained certified nia® FreeDance facilitator, participants explore their own movement in their own way and in their own time. Participants dance to soul-stirring music, eclectic sonic landscapes that provide cellular resonance to evoke self-expression, and unleash movement creativity. The 4 parts of nia® FreeDance explore the integration of body, emotion, mind and spirit through a unique focus for each nia® FreeDance experience.

A soft dance shoe may be worn. Street shoes are not permitted due to laying on the floor at the end of class. No previous experience needed!

Further details coming soon!

nia® Unplugged

Allow your body, mind, emotions and SPIRIT to SOAR with the sound of LIVE percussion music, as a nia® facilitator guides you through an unplugged nia® class experience!

This event is coming soon!