Sandra Meyer

Sandra "Nan" Meyer

nia® White, Green, Blue, Brown, and Black Belt Licensed Teacher, nia® Moving to Heal Educator. nia® FreeDance and FloorPlay (Art of Play) Practitioner. Sandra is CPR Certified


Nan loves teaching Nia® and sharing the magic of movement through Nia’s philosophy. When Nan discovered Nia®, she felt vibrant and at home in her body for the first time since she was a child.

In 2010 after spending over three demanding decades in corporate leadership positions, Nan became a trained Spiritual Director and received four years of training in ballroom dancing.

Upon taking Nia® White Belt Training in 2014, she realized Nia® was a perfect blend of her two passions, spiritual growth and dancing, with the bonus of being organic. Nan considers Nia a spiritual practice and no longer dances in a restricted fashion.

Nan has continued to deepen her Nia® practice by attending intensive trainings each year. She also has specialty training in nia® Moving to Heal, nia® 52 Moves, nia® Freedance and nia® FloorPlay (Art of Play).

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