Special Events

Praise, Prayer and Perspiration

This unique 90 minute event incorporates sharing of scripture, praying for one another’s needs, verbalizing and expressing praise to the Lord through movement and music.
Come and enjoy this opportunity to celebrate how good God is with your friends.
Praise, Prayer and Perspiration allows you to exercise your faith, your mind, your body and your spirit.

Ladies Night

Oh yes it’s Ladies’ Night – an evening just for women! This special event is the perfect opportunity to
wind down from a stressful week and awaken the goddess within.

Come join us in an expression of movement and dance “our body’s way”.
If the lyrics are a little sensitive, open your mind, release your thoughts and just feel the good vibes of
music that is made for motion.

This is a fun evening with girlfriends and a great opportunity for us to express ourselves in a
welcoming, harmonious, happy, and safe environment. So be prepared to let go, enjoy and let the
music move you.

Note: Ladies’ Night is an event for women 18 years or older.

Guided Meditation

Does letting go and de-stressing sound like something you could benefit from?
If so, then these 90 minute guided meditations are for you!
A series of 5 empowering meditations, each with a different focus as well as a unique approach to relaxation will take you to an inward journey.  Demi uses specific music, gentle movement and soft guidance to ease the participants inward.

The 5 areas of focus are:
Release and acceptance
Let go of burdens that weigh you down. Relax into a state of love in order to release them easily. Empty out first, create space in order to receive that which makes you happy.

Intention and Healing
Invite the healing of that which does not serve any longer on the physical, emotional or mental level. Intention opens the door to healing when we allow it to take place.

Authentic desires and knowingness  What is your authentic desire? The one you’ve been carrying with you for so long? The one you can taste? The one you’re longing for? Let’s fling the door wide open to its manifestation and all possibilities.

Positive affirmations for building self esteem
Let’s travel gently within and relax the body with deep breathing. In that space of receptivity, we’ll focus on affirmations to promote self esteem, empowerment, acceptance and appreciation of self.
You will take home affirmations on cards.

Trust and clarity
Combining gentle movement, breath, chakra balancing music and stillness, you will be able to enter the space of trust and clarity within. You will leave clear and empowered.

Meditations were created by Demi.
They are offered on the 2nd Sunday of the month on a rotation.
Please bring a throw or small blanket and a pillow if you’d like. 
You are encouraged to bring pad and pen to write down the insights that surface at the end of each meditation. Please dress comfortably and bring water.

Join Demi November 10, 2019 at 5:30 for guided meditation

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